Tour of Kanha -  Buffer me Safar

(13th - 16th Aug 2022)

Tour of Kanha is a fully supported cycling tour in and around Kanha National Park in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Come experience the pristine jungles of Kanha, consisting mainly of dense Sal forest. You will hardly come across any city influence or vehicular traffic and ride through picture-perfect villages with colourful homes having terracotta tile roofs. You will also soak in the indigenous cultures of Baiga and Gond tribes.

Start Point: Balaghat, MP (How to reach)

End Point: Balaghat, MP

Total Mileage: 420 KMs (Approx)

Riding Days: 4 (12th Aug'22 will be Day 0)

Attractions: Traffic-free route, riding in forest, wild-life, baiga tribes, beautiful villages.

Tour Fees: Rs 23,000 (Sold Out!!)
Late Registrations: Rs 25,000 (
Last 3 left!!) 

DAY 1 -The Curtain Raiser

Balaghat - Lamta - Khatia

13th Aug 2022

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The starting point will be Balaghat,  which means 'a city above the ghats'. As soon as you start pedalling, you will notice civilisation dissolving within 5 kms making way for the wilderness. We will do our first climb of the tour near Lamta before reaching Kalapani wildlife experience centre. After this you continue your ride with beautiful jungle on both sides of the road and finally reach Khatia gate of Kanha National Park

Start Point: Balaghat End Point: Khatia Gate

Distance: 80 KMs. Elevation: +668 m/ -440 m

Day 2 - Into the Baigaland

Khatia - Sarodha Dadar (C.G.)

14th Aug 2022

Todays is a long day on the saddle where you will be riding through dense and green forest patches and picture-perfect villages like Malumjhola, where you will witness the raw and rustic rural lifestyle. Minute observation of tribal lifestyle in terms of – their attire, minimalism and being completely in tune with the surrounding habitat, makes the entire experience one of its kind. We cross into the neighbouring Chhattisgarh state and head towards the Khajuraho of Chattisgarh, Bhoramdeo Temple. The ride will culminate at Saroda Dadar after we experience the Chilpi Ghati offer breathtaking views.

Start Point: Khatia End Point: Saroda Dadar

Distance: 103 KMs. Elevation: +2390m

Day 3 - Independence Day

Saroda Dadar - Mukki

15th Aug 2022

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Another 100+ KMs day, but will be relative easier as it will mostly be downhill, except a few short climbs and rolling terrain.  It will be a beautiful ride where you may imbibe the sights and smells of the forest and listen to the symphony that the jungle orchestrates for anyone ready to lend it an ear. It comprises of a wide assortment of bird songs during the day time and insect sounds as the night falls. 

Start Point: Saroda Dadar End Point: Mukki

Distance: 114 KMs. Elevation: +558m

Day 4 - The Epilogue

Mukki - Baihar - Ukwa - Balaghat

16th Aug 2022

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Today we will travel back to Balaghat from Mukki. This route can be termed as the icing on the cake! This is because most of the route is downhill as it goes through beautiful forest on both sides and then go downhill on beautiful Lougur ghat before reaching Balaghat

Start Point: Mukki End Point: Balaghat

Distance: 112 KMs. Elevation: +729m/ -912m


Pre-Registration takes 2 minutes and is basically like expression of interest and no fees needs to be paid at this time. We evaluate your profile and send an invitation by email, then you can pay the fees and register for the tour.