Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet Safaris involve anywhere from an hour to about 3 hrs. of riding. They are fun and don’t take much time and are suitable for everyone who knows how to ride a bicycle. Any normal healthy person should be able to do it without getting tired. This can very well compliment your other plans at wild-life parks, camps, picnic spots etc. You can easily fit this small, different and very fun activity in your already planned holiday with friends and family.

These rides are fully supported and are led by an experienced ride leader. High-end bikes are available for rent if you aren’t bringing your own bike.

Identified Trails:


Start point: Resort

End point: Resort

Distance: 10 km

Ride attraction: Countryside, river, lake



Start point: Resort

End point: Resort

Distance: 25 km

Ride attraction: Countryside, river, lake, pottery village



Start point: Resort

End point: Resort

Distance: 30 km

Ride attraction: Forest, river, lake, countryside



Start point: Manegaon Tek

End point: Deolapar

Distance: 35 km

Ride attraction: Dongartal fort, Bawanthadi backwaters, countryside trail, bird watching



Start point: Kurai village

End point: Kurai village

Distance: 45 km

Ride attraction: Forest and tiger corridor, countryside


Our preparation and equipment:

  • Top-end international mountain bikes of all frame sizes with disc brakes
    necessary for off-roading

  • Safety gears such as helmet and gloves for all riders

  • Knee and elbow pads for children below 12 years

  • A cyclist group leader to make long rides technically fool-proof and comfortable

  • A top-class technician for repairs required, if any, during the bicycle safari

  • Support vehicle carrying drinking water, eatables and other essentials and also
    riders who want to take a break or stop cycling

  • During multi-day cycling safaris, accommodation in tents/forest lodges with

* Featured trails are indicative. Tours can be customised
* For longer rides, part of the distance can be covered on bicycles and the remaining in a backup vehicle