Tour De Chhattisgarh

Hills Edition

(15th-19th Aug 2018)

After a very successful Tour De Chattisgarh in Jan 2018, we now present to you another tour in state. We are calling this hills edition, because there is some climbing involved. So yes it will be little longer & challenging than our last tour. But you can do it if you start practising today. 

Start Point: Raipur

End Point: Mainpat

Daily Mileage: 60-200 KMs

Total Mileage: 500 KMs (Approx)

Total Elevation: 6500 Meters (Approx)


Day 1 - Saroda Dadar

Via Kawardha & Chilpi Ghati

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Road to Saroda Dadar

Simga-Kawardha-Bhoramdeo-Chilpi Ghati Saroda Dadar - 112 KMs Elevation - 1550 M

Attractions: Mountains, Forest, Baiga Tribals

All riders will board a bus at 5.30 AM at Marine Drive, Raipur for travelling to Simga. Breakfast in bus. Tour Flag off from Simga at 8.30 AM. Lunch at Baiga Resort Saroda Dadar, Dinner at 7 PM. Post dinner Cultural program and participant interaction. Stay in Baiga Resort Saroda Dadar. Go to bed at 9 PM.

Day 2 - Kabir Chabutara

Adjacent to Amarkantak in MP

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Kabit Chabutara

KOKO Village - Kabir Chabutara - 141 KMs Elevation - 1876 Meters

Attractions: Countryside, tribal villages, Uphill finish

All riders will board a bus from Baiga Resort Saroda Dadar  at 6.00 AM after breakfast. Flag off from Koko at 7.30 AM.Dinner at 7 PM. Post dinner Interaction. Stay in Cher Chera Resort, Kabir Chabutara. Go to bed at 9 PM.

Day 3 - Mainpat  

Friday, August 17, 2018

Hasdeo Bango

Kabirchabutara-Keochi-Pendra Road- Jatga-Katghora - 133 KMs Elevation - 1244 Meters

Attractions: Countryside

Wake up at 5.30 AM. Amarkantak Sight Seeing.  Breakfast at 8.30 AM. Flag off at  9 AM from Cher Chera Resort, Kabir Chabutara. Lunch at Katghora, Machadoli. Dinner at 7 PM. Post dinner cultural program. Stay in Saila resort, Mainpat. Go to bed at 9 PM.

Day 4 - Mainpat

Shimla of Chhattisgarh

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mainpat Buddhist Monastery

Mainpat climb & Sightseeing- 58 KMs Elevation - 1000 Meters

Attractions: Buddhist Monastery, Mountains, Jaljali (Natural Trampoline/Bouncing Land)

All riders will board a bus at 5.30 AM for travelling to Lakhanpur.  Breakfast in bus. Flag off from Lakhanpur at 9 AM. Lunch at Saila Tourist Resort, Mainpat . Mainpat Sight Seeing. Prizes, medals, certificate distribution, speech by participant, invited guests at 6 PM. Rock band performance and concluding party to start at 7 PM. Dinner to start at 9 PM. Go to bed at 11 PM.

Day 5 - Bus Journey back to Raipur

Breakfast at 8 AM. All riders will board a bus for remaining sightseeing at Mainpat and travelling to Raipur at 9 AM. Lunch at suitable place enroute. All riders are expected to reach Raipur at 6 PM. Riders will collect their bikes. Tour ends.

Sunday, August 19, 2018